A Degree For £2,000?
This book takes a look into the future and explains why we could see graduates being able to get a degree for as little as £2,000.
Author: Peter J A Noblett
Published: April 2016
Available from Amazon as a Kindle book for £1.99

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality explained, in non technical terms
  • Where universities and colleges are failing and how Virtual Education would improve student grades
  • Introduction to Virtual Campuses and Virtual Colleges and the different types
  • How Artificial Intelligence will change the delivery of higher education
  • Global impact of Virtual Education
  • Why US graduates leave college with a fraction of the debts of UK students
  • Higher Education is a business and why students need to understand they are buying a service
  • Proposes new method of recruitment - Role Specific Pre-Employment Training
  • How Virtual Education could become a
    £3 Billion UK Export
  • Find out what would it would cost to run your own virtual campus or college
  • Student debt keeps climbing, the author discovers when it is predicted to
    reach a massive £1 Trillion

Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, plans to bring Facebook users into a virtual reality world with the launch of their Oculus virtual reality headset. This will have an unprecedented impact on education, with higher education likely to be the first areas to experience a "hit".

'A Degree for £2,000?' looks at that “hit” and explains how and why some sectors of higher and further education will radically change, not only in the UK but across the whole world.

About The Author

Peter Noblett has spent most of his working like in a wide variety of roles within IT and has a broad breadth of experience having worked with all sizes and types of organisation, both in the public and private sectors. Peter has spent most of the last 15 years designing and developing a variety of web based assessment tools to gauge people's attitude, behaviour, competency and skills. These websites include:

Peter is an ardent believer that, here in the UK, we are continually failing to correctly use IT to deliver the best value in education. The opportunities that virtual education could open up and the fact that a large proportion of the world speaks English puts the UK is in a unique position to become the world leader in the provision of education and knowledge.

Cost Calculator

There is a simple cost calculator on the author's website at:


which will enable you to get an idea of how much it would cost to run a virtual college or campus.